How long will it take to receive my photos or video?

Real estate photos are typically delivered within 24 hours of shooting. Real estate videos are usually delivered within 4-7 days after shooting.

What kind of weather can you fly your drone in?

Preferably I try to fly when skies are mostly clear to party cloudy and the wind gusts are below 15 mph. Flying in rain, snow, or foggy conditions is not possible as line of sight to the drone is compromised and getting the drone wet could cause damage to the drone.

Where can you fly your drone?

Almost anywhere! Some areas within a 5 mile radius of major airports are in no-fly zones. Recently restrictions within this 5 mile radius have been somewhat relaxed allowing drone pilots to fly closer to airports but at lower altitudes. Other areas that are off limits are national parks, state parks, near stadiums during major events (NFL, MLB, Motorsports, concerts, etc), and within close proximity to helipads.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! I am fully insured and covered up to $1 million.

Where are you located and what areas do you serve?

I am located in Mars, PA about 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh and service the entire Pittsburgh metro area. However, that doesn’t mean that other locations are off limits!

How high can you fly your drone?

Typically all flights are conducted below 400 feet above ground level. This is the recommended ceiling by the FAA. However, it is possible to fly higher as long as the drone stays within 400 feet, in all directions, of the nearest structure.